Telstra Turbo Card MF332 Overview

Key Features

  • 3G UMTS 850, 2100
  • Compact PCMCIA card for laptops

Connectivity / Multi Media

Standard SIM card (2FF)

850, 2100 UMTS for use on the Telstra network

7.2Mbps downloads




MF332 User Guide

Turbo Card Manager 3.6 (B08)

Turbo Card Manager 7.2 (T03)

Important Notes
  • The Turbo Card Manager 3.6 (B08) Software supports Windows XP (SP2)and Windows 2000 (SP4).

  • The Turbo Card Manager 7.2 (T03) Software supports Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2)and Windows 2000 (SP4).

    What version of Turbo Card Manager do you need?
    • All new cards supplied after July 2007 use the 7.2 Card Manager Software.

    • Check the Compatability Guide to see which version you are using.

    Disclaimer: ZTE takes no responsibility for loss or damage if customers are unable to operate the software update tool, for failure of the handset or failure of the computer, loss of data or revenue.