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Important Accessories Information.

(Note: Accidental Cover Packages are listed in the Accidental Cover Package tab above for a number of our devices, please consider the Accidental Cover Package if your device is listed as it provides cover for display and hardware damage / breakage.

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Important Note - Online Direct Accessories Sales Stopped

Our Online Direct Accessory Sales have returned. We have been working on a website update along with working to understand SPL requirements and the required processes which mean we haven't been able to offer Accessories etc online until we could perform and knew all the required steps for our compliance commitments. We now are ready to provide the Accessories service and below we outline what is required to make a purchase.

Below is listed, in their categories, the current available Accessories. Make your choice and then email us at our support email address (see below) with your Full Legal name, Country of residancy and what item(s) you wish to purchase using their "Order Code(s)". We will perform a SPL entity Screening using your name and then we should be able to email back to you the PayPal invoice or buttons for you to make the payment before we send the goods to you.

If you don't provide your full legal name then we can not process any accessories sales for you.

If your postal address is not within Australia we will not be able to deal with you and we will refund you if you have made any purchase.

If you wish to enquire for any other accessories information please contact us via our support email address here.




Screen Protectors

Leads / Cables

Desktop / Car Cradles

Accidental Cover Packages

Accidental Cover Packages protect your device from display and other damage that is not usually covered by the normal device warranty. Only available for specific models as shown below.

The AXON 7 was the only ZTE device to come with a Complimentry Accidental Cover Protection Package valued at $300 that covers you for everything but liquid damage.

Important Warranty Information

There are several important Warranty terms that you should understand before proceeding with either an "In warranty claim" or an "Out of Warranty claim".

  1. Replacement for a warranty claim: 3 months or remainder of the original warranty period, whichever is longer;
  2. Replacement for a Non-warranty claim (ie. the screen is cracked but it's within the original warranty period): 3 months or remainder of the original warranty period, whichever is longer;
  3. Replacement for a Out-of-warranty claim (ie. the original warranty period has expired): 3 months
  4. Accidental Cover is valid for the period the same as the warranty period of the device it was purchased for (ie. if the customer purchase an accidental cover for a replacement device then it's only valid when the replacement is within warranty period). Once used the cover amount will be reduced and may not cover another replacement. Check with our support team what your ACP remaining cover value level is after replacement.

Out of Warranty Replacement

Out of Warranty Replacement is available to you when your device has been damaged in such a way as it is not covered by Warranty. So if your device has a smashed display or a broken connection port, you can contact one of the listed repair centres for your device and ask what the cost is to replace it. Only available for specific models. What you receive is a replacement device of the same model.