Fit 4G Smart M01 Ugrade Suite

The M01 upgrade suite will reformat your Fit 4G Smart handset to give you access to all it's onboard memory as a flat partition and is not a simple software update.

Instructions for the Upgrade.

This upgrade is a total reformat and reflashing of the Fit 4G Smart handset. As such it is not a one click process but a suite of tools and drivers that all have to be installed and the instructions followed to let you upgrade your device to access all of it's memory as a single flat partition.

Before proceeding with anything please check your Fit 4G Smart handset current Build Version - Go to the Settings / About phone menu on your handset and scroll down to see the Build details. If it already ends in "M01" then you already have an upgraded handset. If it ends in "T03", then you need to do this upgrade.

Follow the instructions and if you are having trouble installing the drivers don't worry as these are the hard part for some users as every PC is different in build and installed software. We can work with you to solve the driver install problems as they are sent to us by you. There are also a growing base of users that have provided feedback that we are using to improve the process and build a knowledge base of solutions and experience to solve the driver issues should they happen.

Generally, once you are past the Driver install section there are very few issues reported with the suite and the process. You can join our Australian Support Forum Click HERE to Register & Join and you can read the combined knowledge of every user who has provided feedback along the development of the Upgrade Suite for M01.

You can also contact us via the forum, Facebook, Google+, our website contact details and our Support team contact methods.

Download the Upgrade Instructions Here »

Fit 4G Smart feature phone
Fit 4G Smart M01

M01 Upgrade Suite Download

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This Upgrade Suite is for Windows PC's only. MAC, Linux, VMware, eeePC or any other OS or environment configuration is not supported and you will be wasting your time and download quota. The Download is 726MB in size so use a broadband connection like ADSL, NBN, cable etc if possible. Compatible and confirmed working Windows OS supported are WinXP, Vista, Win7 and Win8. 32bit versions are easier as the suite tools are all 32bit themselves. If you have 64bit versions then follow the instructions and run the tools in 32bit compatible mode.

The number one thing to remember is to follow the instructions and if you have any troubles don't worry we will assist you.

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