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ZTE Corporation is a global leader in telecommunications and information technology. Founded in 1985 and listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, the company has been committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations to deliver excellence and value to consumers, carriers, businesses and government and enterprise network customers from over 160 countries around the world to enable increased connectivity and productivity.
ZTE has complete end-to-end product lines and integrated solutions in the telecommunications industry. By means of all series of wireless, wireline, services, devices and professional telecommunications services, the company is capable of flexibly satisfying the diversified requirements and pursuit for rapid innovations of global operators and government and enterprise network customers.

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ZTE R&D Centers

ZTE has multiple R&D facilities across the world with a 26,000 staff dedicated to Research & Development of technology. ZTE prides itself being an innovative leader of 5G development & we are ranked Top 5 Globally for 5G development. At ZTE our mission is to invigorate the Global Technological Landscape by constantly bringing new innovation, technological advancements & changing lives.

ZTE has been responsible for a lot of the day to day tech you hold in your hands today or have played some part in assisting with the advancement. From 2G to 5G, ZTE has been a leader in network equipment that has allowed for our customers to be mobile.

ZTE University

ZTE’s university provides opportunities for future generations to rise into the ranks of a Global Technology Leader right out of school.

ZTE values education & have been involved in various programs that assists in the betterment of technological learning.

Some of our best engineers has attended the ZTE University who have gone on to work on developing world leading technology & advancements.