How to copy data from an existing device to a new Android device.

When you buy a new ZTE Device, it is easy to copy your old data from a previous device.
Data can be copied from a previous Android phone, Gmail account or iTunes (Apple) account.

Step One

On your old device, make sure Google Backup is enabled: Settings > System > Backup:

Step Two

On your new ZTE Phone follow the steps on the Android Activation screens:

Step Three

A backup from an Android phone requires your old device in close proximity.

Step Four

Step Five

Step Six

Select a Cloud backup to import your data from your Google Account. Sign in with your Gmail username and password then choose which items to import to your new device.

Step Seven

Please Note:

Network connection is required to run backup and restore.
If you are restoring a lot of apps and data it will take some time to complete the operation. We recommend you do this at a convenient time or when you have spare time available.
ZTE does not take any responsibility or liability for lost customer data or damages caused.