REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad

Truly up your gaming to the next level by upgrading your phone to a mobile gaming console with the REDMAGIC Shadow Blade Gamepad. Connect your phone to the gamepad, set the controls to your exact desires, and dive into your favourite games!

Nubia Pad 3D Protective Case

Compatible with nubia Pad 3D

REDMAGIC Magic Sound Earphones

Immerse yourself into your games with crystal clear audio with REDMAGIC Magic Sound Earphones. Enjoy improved audio and really get to hear all details from your game so you don’t miss the other team sneaking up on you.

5G Magic Adapter

3.5mm Headphone Port
Type-C Charging Port
100M Ethernet Port
Cool and Lightweight

Pro Handle

Plug and Play
Ehanced Controls

Phone Holder

RedMagic phone holder with an aluminum alloy body,Anodized for a protective aluminum oxide layer.
Freely adjust the the holder to different angles.

ICE Dock

30W PD Quick Charging
3.5mm Headphone Port
Semiconductive Cooling
Compatible with multiple smartphones
Up To 25°C Cooling

Power Bank


Powerful Enough To Charge a Laptop

10,000mAh fast charging power bank that can not only charge smartphones, but also Macbooks and laptops with a USB Type-C interface.
Reliable and continuous battery life

27W Quick Charge | Cool Look | Dual Charging | High-density Li-po Battery

Red Earphones

Enjoy high-quality audio in comfort and in style

Three-key wire control design, anodized for excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance performance,
Cool and comfortable design; curved surface with the classic RedMagic black and red, for that futuristic cyberpunk feel; larger accent and a more layered sound quality so you can really enjoy your music.

Flash Charge

Lithium Ion Fast Charging

20,000mAh PD45W | Two-way Fast Charging
Three-port output | High-quality Polymer Chip

Type C Cables

RedMagic Gaming Data Cable

USB Type-A to USB Type-C Data Cable
90° Elbow Design, for comfortable gaming
RedMagic RGB light
2m Braided cord design

Gaming Headphones

RedMagic TWS Gaming Earphones

39ms low latency
High-quality audio with Cyberpunk Style
10 hours of battery life