Cookies – How we use them

All websites use cookies in one way or another. We believe in a lite touch, but there will always be some cookies that get loaded to your browser. Read below for the details.

Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

Our websites use cookies and other similar technologies to distinguish your from other users. Therefore, when you browse our websites, we will provide you with good user experience, and keep improving our websites.

A cookie is a small file of letters and digits. If you agree, we will store the cookies in the memory or hard drive of your computer or mobile device, and then use such cookies as labels for identifying your computer or mobile device.

Cookies are often classified as “session cookies” or “persistent cookies”. Session cookies help you effectively browse our websites and track your page-to-page progress, so that you do not need to repeat the information you provide for the current visit. For instance, when you switch the web pages, your shopping cart will not be set at empty. Session cookies are stored in the temporary memory and are deleted when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies can store the user preferences that are stored on your device and are still valid when you restart your browser. For instance, we use the persistent cookies to record your selected language, country/region, font size, or the settings. With the help of cookies, you do not need to reconfigure the settings when you access our websites next time.

You may clear all cookies stored on your computer, or directly delete all cookies stored on your device. However, if you do so, you need to change the settings every time you access our websites. Most browsers have the ability to block the cookies. If you hope to manage the cookies through the browsers, you may consult the instructions of browser developers, or search the internet. For more information about cookies, please check the .

In addition to cookies, we will use web beacons, pixel tags, and other similar technologies in our websites. For instance, we will send an account activation link to your email box. By using the aforesaid technologies to track your clicks on our websites, we can know your preferences for our products and services, and improve the service for our customers. Usually, web beacons are transparent images that are embedded in the websites or emails. With the help of pixel tags in emails, we can know whether the emails are opened or not. If you hope that your behaviors would not be tracked by this means, you can, at any time, change the setting of your email box to reject the tracking, or log in our related service websites to unsubscribe our mail service.
If you set the “Do Not Track” in your browser, our service websites will respect your choice.

In that case, we will not use cookies for the aforesaid purposes.

Cookies used by this website

Cookies, whether session or persistent, are also described as first-party or third-party cookies. Cookies relating to content coming from the page’s primary server are first party cookies and where the web page’s content does not come from the page’s primary server they are referred to as third-party cookies.

Listed here are all the cookies that we use to manage website delivery to your browser:

  • Google Analytics cookies
  • Youtube/Vimeo cookies
  • Talenthouse contest

Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions as well as to provide a number of key features in the Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics sets or updates cookies only to collect data required for the reports and cookies set by Google Analytics for this website and only send data to our servers, effectively making these cookies the personal property of our website domain. The data cannot be altered or retrieved by any service on any other domain. All have a medium level of privacy tracking.

__utma: This Cookie is used to identify unique visitors to our sites. The results are sent to our Google Analytics account so that we may see how many unique visitors come to this site based over a period of time. This is a persistent cookie and expires in 2 years.

__utmb: This cookie is used by Google Analytics to determine the visitor session times on our sites. Each time you visit a new page on the site the cookie is set to expire within 30 minutes, if it does not find an existing cookie, a new one is created.

__utmc: This cookie is used by Google Analytics in conjunction with __utmb to determine visitor sessions. Unlike __utmb this cookie does not have an expiry date, it determines whether a new session should be created based on whether you have previously closed your browser, re-opened it and come back to the site. As a Session cookie, it runs just for that visit.

__utmz: This cookie is used by Google Analytics to determine the type of referral used by each visitor to arrive at our site. The cookie determines if the user has come directly to the site or via a search engine, email or email campaign. We use this data to understand how our users arrive at the website. It is a persistent cookie and expires in 6 months.

For further information – How Google Analytics uses cookies

Youtube/Vimeo Cookies

VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE: This cookie is designed to render the Youtube video is a certain style. It is not designed to retain user information. Expires in 9 months.

PREF: This cookie tracks visitors in order to follow their usage habits as an aid to future search disambiguation. The cookie retains search and view data, typically time and date of a particular search, the search term and the views selected. However the originating IP address may be tracked by the web server if the user has opted not to accept tracking cookies. The PREF cookie expires 10 years after your last visit. More information on disabling cookies can be found on About Cookies