Wearable Collection

Nubia Neovision Glass

Beyond its impressive visual capabilities, these smart glasses excel in audio-visual entertainment. Equipped with Hi-Res stereo dual speakers, users can enjoy an immersive soundscape that is enhanced by the design of the glasses. Furthermore, the glasses can seamlessly connect with various devices such as computers, game consoles, and drones, expanding the possibilities for entertainment and productivity.

Wearable Collection

Nubia Watch

Introducing Nubia Watch, a smartwatch unlike anything you’ve seen before. Built with premium materials, packed with smart features and crafted with futuristic design elements, Nubia Watch reshapes your personal wearable experience.

Wearable Collection

Nubia PODS

The Nubia Pods connect via Bluetooth 5.0. Connecting the earbuds to your phone is simple and easy after the very first pairing. All you have to do is flip open the case of the earbuds and a prompt shows up on the screen with details about the earbuds including its current battery level and a request to pair. In-ear style, very convenient when driving and doing sports.